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Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and unforgiving. Adding "artist" or "creative" to that only makes it harder, because "business" isn't generally why you chose this path. Wouldn't it be cool if you could learn to see business as an extension of your creative side? <wait for it...> You can! Welcome to UBU.
Succeed Faster with an Authentically Unique Brand
And faster is better, right? Did you know that when you declare a UNIQUE brand message that resonates with your "ideal" customer, they become your best referrals? And, the amazing thing is that YOU don't have to change anything about yourself or your creative business to make this happen.
One Small Step For You is a Giant Leap for Your Business
"Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down" is the foundation of most great entrepreneurial success stories. Yours is just waiting for you to jump! (And, it's not as risky as you might think... we know where all the nets are, too.)
Unique Brand DIY Masterclass
A 13-lesson on-demand video course where Jeff Jochum Teaches Unique Branding for Creative Businesses
Master-Labs followed Jeff for one full year, recording his coaching sessions, discussions and interviewing many of his successful students. The result is 6+ hour, 13-lesson Masterclass of intensive video, battle-tested homework assignments and MORE stunning insights than any other class before it.
Jeff Jochum's Master Course
8-Week "MBA" Course that includes Jeff's Creative Biz Masterclass, Private Mastermind & seven Live Coaching sessions
13 On-Demand Video Lessons, seven live group coaching sessions, one-year of private Mastermind Group, plus both digital and audio versions of Jeff Jochum's  top-selling book, "UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND."
SOLOpreneur 1to1 Coaching
5 months of personal 1to1 coaching @ two 30-min.  calls/month + 6 hours of on-demand lessons
Includes everything you need to help you learn about Specialism and Authentically Unique Branding. PLUS a 6-month membership in Jeff's "INNER-CIRCLE" Mastermind & Creative Business Community, where you'll get further help from Jeff and fellow 1to1 students.
What some successful students say about us...
Co-founder of We Will Thrive LLC
The best part of Uniqueing Your Brand is that it asks the right questions. And, you’ll find yourself getting better at questioning those answers, until you find the ‘best’ one, every time.
Conference Director @ Emerald Productions
Jeff is great at working with artists. He knows how our brains are wired, and how to help us get better in the areas we suck at. That’s where Specialism’s ass kicking comes in.
#ShamelesslyFeminine Entrepreneur & Speaker
The choice to become a specialist has made me unique, again. It’s opened up doors that I didn’t know existed and others that would have been closed. I feel like I’ve completely rejuvenated my business.
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of PASS & Agree.com
We were at a crisis crossroads and needed to figure out who we were and why we are doing this, before we could move beyond it. I never could've imagined the newfound passion and purpose we all feel now. 
Entrepreneur &
Int'l Photographer 
Once I re-branded with Specialism, the ideal clients just kept coming. In a nutshell, Jeff helped me reach the top of my local market in record time.
Hawaiian Event Photographer
I had only 3 clients when I embraced Specialism... Within a few months of learning, my business was expanding so fast I could barely keep up. Now, I live the dream life in Hawaii and work only with people I love.
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