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Your Magic Isn’t In What You Do

I’ve studied close-up magic since I was 10 years old and imagined myself with a career as a professional magician for many of my early years. I also learned at the direction of some of the world’s most famous and talented magicians during my wonder years.  The really important stuff  they taught me had little to do with this…

How long did you last watching that?  I’m gonna guess about 45-50 seconds.  It is likely you got bored around that time mark because this video isn’t designed for non-magicians.  And it is certainly not designed for audience members.  It is a self-congratulating video of amazing techniques designed to impress other magicians and fans of magic technique. (And it DOES!)  No more.  No  less.  So, for those of you watching who are NOT fans of magic, it’s lack of human performance and connection probably kept you from engaging.  You likely said, “wow!” around the 30 second mark… and “next!” at 45 seconds.

Author Note:  Me?  I watched the WHOLE DAMN THING MANY TIMES.  Why?  Cuz I’m a fan of magical technique and this guy/gal is CRAZY skilled!  I’m a lifelong FAN.  Just like you may be a Fan of some other technology routine embedded in your service profession? A Fan of Photography, perhaps? 😉

In any case, our clients/customers are generally NOT “fans,” fascinated by the deeply skilled techniques of what we DO and HOW we do it. Oh sure, they may marvel at the complexity or difficulty of certain technical processes, but what they really value is how we PERFORM with these skills and techniques.

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here, though. I am NOT suggesting that you can hide incompetent technical skills with good performance skills.  Sloppy execution ruins both the performance of the skill and the magic of the performance.  Even though everyone wants to think magic/photography is easy, no one who pays for it really wants to believe it.  So, be careful not to screw the pooch with sloppy skills and/or a disinterested performance.

I’ve never seen a magic “trick” that amazed audiences on its own any more than I’ve seen a camera that creates wonderful, emotional moments, by itself.  In both cases, its the artist who owns the emotional performance, and ultimately the happiness of the client.


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