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Holy Crap ! It Finally Happened.

Strap in, I’ve got some BIG news… first, some history: 
I began “coaching” (a term I use to metaphorically describe everything from standing on the sidelines and sending in plays to leading the team actively right from the game floor) almost 30 years ago, when I stumbled onto the concept of Specialism. I was compelled by how it enables creative entrepreneurs to leverage authentic branding that celebrates who they are, rather than just what they do.  It quickly became my professional mission to show “the world” how to achieve the kind of success that I could see Specialism delivering to those who embraced it (including me), in everything from tech to photography to personal training businesses.
For the last five years, I have focused almost 100% of my attention on coaching personal service businesspeeps, largely professional photographers or companies that cater to them.  My coaching has always been limited by the need for personal, 1to1 exchanges, because of the amount of customization I felt was necessary for each client. This has always been frustrating to me, and has severely limited my ability to help more than 70-90 professionals a year.  
So, three years ago I embarked on another mission – to determine if there was a way I could create a curriculum, and teaching system, that would let me scale this universe-denting idea to more than the small collection I could let into the inner circle of my coaching, each year.  Part of that research and effort resulted in the 2013 publishing of my book, Work Happily Ever-After, as well as a few experimental “group” coaching programs.  Many times over the last few years, I felt that I was destined to fail in my desire to make this wonderful system of business success available to the “masses” rather than just the few hundred already trained.  (I’m thankful for expensive Scotch for getting me through the low points.)
Today, I’m thrilled to be able to say, “I DID IT! and officially announce the result of the three long years of research, optimization and effort is encapsulated in my newest coaching program: Team X Video Coaching.
Team X Video Coaching is a 12-week, intensive and highly-interactive video-based training program that is based on the same curriculum as my 1to1 Coaching. Video Coaching is designed to be more DIY for those who want to move fast and still have the attention of a Coach to help with them keep up the pace.  Each week a new Video Coaching module of clear and insightful lessons is released, to steadily move your business towards a Specialism brand and purpose. This also includes concise homework assignments, links and guides to applicable business resources and real-world examples of the effectiveness of each lesson. 
All of the training is online in the private Team X members-only site where students can view (and review) the training videos, connect with other active students, and even compare notes with classmates. There are also interactive components like weekly “Q&A” sessions with Jeff and/or other Team X Mentors, where you can get immediate answers to your questions, as well as short-cuts and extra-credit projects that are relevant to the current lesson.
The Inaugural class for Team X Video Coaching begins the first week of October 2014, and I’m limiting the number of registrations to ensure I can give everyone the attention needed to make it the best investment EVER for your business. You can find out everything you need to know about Video Coaching here
Never Dawdle. 🙂
– jeff
P.S.  REMINDER: My Take a Giant Step Tour is Coming to YOU in September!         

This will be a half-day workshop for professional photographers and creative entrepreneurs. I will focus on teaching you how to define and declare your strongest unique value proposition, generate higher revenues with fewer clients, find/attract your “ideal” clients and, well let’s just say it out loud – devastate your local competition… all using the simple power of specialism. 

In addition to my workshop, there will be two photography-skill sessions, where lighting, composition, equipment, marketing execution and other hands-on photo business skills will be taught and explored by successful and currently working photographers (who also happen to be TEAM X Mentors). 
The day will end with a casual Q&A at the closest bar or tavern.  Space is very limited to ensure lots of face-time and the cost is only $79.  For dates and locations, check out

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