My 2015 Goal: Delivering Clarity

Let me be crystal clear…   You need clarity to create achievable goals and strategies for your business, and I want every artist-based business to succeed using the clarity of Specialism strategies.WHY is clarity such an important word in business?


A bottom line is that it’s really about feeding your family, your business demands and your artistic desires. This comes from learning how to ensure that every step (risk) you take will move you towards your self-defined success goals and knowing that you are controlling your business growth, and not vice versa.


By gaining a clear, unobstructed vision of your business and its goals, you’ll learn that there aren’t any magic, silver bullets – Werewolves aren’t the enemies of your success, wasted time & energy is.  On that same note, anyone who tells you they have “the secret” to your success is really just selling you the business version of a Batman suit (fake muscles only make you look stronger). Let me try to place some clarity around what “Business Clarity” means.

For me, Delivering Clarity gives you the strength and freedom to:

  • See opportunities, when your competitors see only chaos
  • See a gourmet meal when your competitors see only weeds
  • Expand when all others are simply surviving
  • Remain stable and vital in the midst of chaos

To achieve this, focus on four fundamental elements:

  • Confidence: Define, understand and embrace your weaknesses and limits.
  • Focus: Relentlessly define clear goals to stop wasting your limited energy and precious resources.
  • Energize: Discover, articulate and leverage your very unique strengths.
  • Direction: Build a map for your success that is clear enough to always know where you are and how close you are to the next finish line.

Ultimately, my Clarity Goals for our industry are simple: I want to end the self-imposed requirement of “learning the hard-way” that artist-based businesses seem to embrace, thereby disrupting the Starving Artist Syndrome and enabling photographers to have the resources and freedom to become better artisans.  It’s hard to work on your photography skills if all you can think about is how to pay the rent.

More simply put, I have a New Year’s resolution that I’d love your support on: I want to elevate the idea of success in our world to include this…

Great Photographers Can Be Great Businesspeople, too.

– jeff

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