Finding Your Purpose #4: Get External Feedback

Finding Your Purpose #4: Get Outside Input

Posted by Jeff Jochum on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

[Originally published on my Facebook group: Unique Brand University]

Sometimes we’re so stuck in our way of thinking that we need external input. Answers, even obvious ones, might not come to us because we are used to thinking in a box.

There are many ways to get good input for our self-discovery process. Here are some of the most effective:

Read Books
One of the best ways is to read a book where that discusses the same kind of questions that you have in your mind. It can be a book directly about finding your purpose or it can be fiction. Paolo Coelho has many books, most of it fiction, that are great to stimulate your thinking. Ask around or do a search on Google and you are sure to find something good to read.

Ask your friends and family
Pick 5 people that are closest to you and who have known yours for a long time. Be authentic with them and they will be authentic with you (it almost always works). Ask them sincerely what they think you should devote yourself to and what you are best at. Sometimes we miss the obvious ourselves, but people around us notice it. Not all of the answers you will hear might be insightful or even valuable, but there is a good chance you will come upon a gem or two. Pay attention to the common theme of their answers – maybe most of them see a similar path laid out for you. The wisdom of the crowds.

Take a talents/career test
Often what we get the most joy out of is also what we are naturally good at. It might be a good idea to take a career test or two to see what they reveal about you. Years of research have found that only 17% of people within the workplace play to their strengths most of the time. This means most of the people are operating much below their potential. The Gallup Organization has done some extensive research on this which has resulted in an amazing book titled Now Discover Your Strengths. Working with data gathered from interviews with over 2 million people, the authors present the reader with thirty-four basic talent “themes”, or strengths.
There are hundreds of combinations of these individual strengths, and in order to find out what your ‘combination of strengths’ requires you to take a test on their website. When you buy the book, you are given a password and a URL for the test.
The test is serious, extensive, and comprehensive. It isn’t short, it takes a commitment from you, but the rewards are significant. Self-knowledge is often hard to come by.

Enroll in a life purpose course
All of the questions in your mind have been asked by other people before. Some people have worked on helping other people discover their life purpose for many years and compiled the knowledge into life purpose courses. There are several great courses out there you can look at and evaluate for your needs.

Work with a coach
One of the best ways to get personalized expert support is to work with a coach. Coaches help people find their purpose, determine and achieve personal goals. Coaches use multiple methods to help clients with the process of setting and reaching goals.

[Content Attribution: Unknown author – e-book published by The One Question in 2010]

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