Finding Your Purpose #5: Envision Your Path

Finding Your Purpose #5: Envision Your Path

Posted by Jeff Jochum on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

[Originally published on my Facebook group: Unique Brand University]

When thinking about what you should do with your life, you often already know several possible paths that lay in front of you. Ideas about what to do with your life can come from teachers or family members who told you that you were good at something; characters in books or movies that you relate to or admire; your favorite activities or subjects you studied in school; other careers or paths you’ve heard about that you think are interesting.

Reflect for about 15 minutes on all of these things and any other idea you’ve had regarding what your life’s purpose might be.

In order to use the power of imagination to our advantage here, first come up with at least five different paths (for career, lifestyle or whatever area of life you are pondering about) for your life. Now pick one and imagine every detail of that path.

 Ask yourself these questions:

  • What your life would be like?
  • Imagine your daily life, starting with waking up in the morning, and go through in detail each of your activities.
  • After 10 years of this life, what kind of a person would you be?
  • What aspects of you would grow and thrive in that kind of situation?
  • What aspects of you would become dormant or unused?
  • Who do you see yourself surrounded by? What kind of people do you have in this life you are imagining?
  • In living this life, how do people see you? Imagine a stranger is hearing about how for the first time… What is their impression?
  • What about this life gives you the greatest joy? What about this life gives you anxiety?

Write these things down.

Meditate on this vision.

As you imagining this life path, observe how you feel emotionally and physically. Repeat the process with all the 5 paths (or as many as you identified as possibilities).

How Do You Know Which Path is the Right One for You?

When you’ve imgained all of the paths, ask yourself which one made you feel the best. The path that is truly your to follow will make you feel inspired, energetic, peaceful and exactly YOU. In each scenario that you imagined, identify your emotional state. The scenarios that contained feelings of stress, difficulty, loneliness or fear are the paths you should eliminate. The paths you imagined that made you feel relaxed, self-loving and generous are those that show the highest promise.

[Content Attribution: Unknown author – e-book published by The One Question in 2010]

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