Finding Your Purpose #7: Take Action

Finding Your Purpose #7 (of 7): Take Action!

Posted by Jeff Jochum on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[Originally published on my Facebook group: Unique Brand University]

The secret to eternal happiness (yes, no need to look any further): discover what you love to do and devote all of your energy to doing it.

Why do most people prefer to sleep in? Because they are constantly tired or have nothing else to do. How often do you come home tired, all of the energy sucked out of you and just toss yourself in front of TV?

Some people look for some spark in their life from bars, friends, parties. How often do you feel tired at work when even half of the work day is not over yet? You feel sleepy, unmotivated.

Then suddenly you get a call from a dear friend who proposes to do something cool the same night. What happens? You find yourself talking enthusiastically on the phone, wave your hands, laugh – all of the tiredness seems to be swept away. Why the sudden increase in energy? That is the power of doing things you enjoy and our passionate about.

If you’re not living your passion, you have an extreme energy leak. Your productivity is down, you are moody, stressed and depressed.

When you’re doing something that is fun about which you’re passionate, you feel an abundance of energy. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing the right thing! This is wasting your life and energy. When your work is your passion, you will never work another day – it becomes a fun activity, an adventure.

We spend most of our waking life at work. Much more than at home, among our family and friends. This means your job is a crucial part of your life. It’s meaning and impact reach far beyond the salary figure.

In order to be happier, fitter and more productive in all aspects of life, you’ve got to find what you love. And devote your life to it. Nothing is worse than spending the best years of your life stuck in a job that you don’t love, knowing deep within you there is something better waiting out there for you.

Life favors those who show courage and take action to move their dreams forward.

So how do you go about it?

First you’ve got to discover what you’re passionate about (that’s what all of the previous tips have been about). Write down how you want to feel. Start with general intention. You don’t have to go into little details, at least not at the start of your journey.

Visualize your life when you’re living your passion. The vision might excite you enough to make you do something about it. YOU have to make a decision that comes from your gut. Your head will give you lots of reasons why it’s not a good idea, why you might fail, what judgements you’ll receive.

Emotionally, you might feel scared and vulnerable. You have to just acknowledge those messages, but make sure your will prevails. You might not understand each step; you might not know if you’re doing the right thing or how you’re going to get there.

At this point, after all your reflection, this is the point that separates those who live their dreams from those who feel trapped. Its not knowledge, or wisdom or insight – it’s action. Take the plunge. It will feel like jumping blindfold off a cliff, but you have to have faith in yourself.

You have identified your direction, so take baby steps toward it. Think of that dream life, how much you want it and how much you deserve it and use that power to commit yourself to taking one step every day.

It may be small: emailing someone who will be useful, taking a day trip somewhere, setting up a meeting with influential people or organizations. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, just make sure to keep your promise to yourself to do one thing every day.

After 10 days of this, look back at what you’ve done and notice how much closer you are now than before you made your comitment. Use the power you feel from your success to propel you through another 10 days.

Stay True to Yourself

Success means doing work you find fulfilling, work that makes you happy, and living according to your values. Run your own race. Don’t care what other people say about you. What matters is what you tell yourself. If living your passion means taking steps that might be considered out of the ordinary and not aligned with “what people are supposed to do”, so be it. The greatest risk in life is not taking one.

[Content Attribution: Unknown author – e-book published by The One Question in 2010]

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