About UBU

The ultimate target for any successful business is to create irrationally loyal customers and a fan-based culture. This also attracts the top-of-the-market “exclusives” customers rather than the “bargainers”, who leave you the moment somebody offers them a better deal. Happy customers are loyal, they know who you really are and they stick around even when you screw up because you’ve consistently added value to them in a way that nobody else can. This is your Authentically Unique Brand. This is why Unique Brand University (UBU… get it?) exists.

Knowing the “purpose” of your business, or what it needs to be in long term is critical. Knowing why you’re in the business and ultimately what outcomes you want the business to serve is also critical for a business owner. Then, you have to know who you are and who you need—which includes outsourcing and expansion—in order to have long-term success.

At UBU, you’ll discover what many successful creative businesses already know: their brand must be extension of their authentic identity. You’ll get basic keys that offer entrepreneur’s solutions, keys like finding a way to get more clients (advertising, online promotions, social marketing, sales funnels, etc.) and finding ways to increase your average transaction value. It’s important to remember that most people spend more time in their business than they do with their children, or with their spouse, so let’s make sure you’re not wasting that precious time.

Welcome to Unique Brand University, where the motto is: You Be You.


P.S. Originally, we considered calling this NO SELLOUT ACADEMY… but then we wouldn’t have the great “you be you” acronym.