I’m Nine Months Away From Oblivion

Struggling is part of succeeding… in fact, maybe all of it. Like most of you, the model for my business coaching practice is dependent on referral-based marketing – which means I have to create evangelists and recommendations in as many people as possible – just like yours. And, I certainly can’t place all that burden on my … Read more

When Do You Just Quit?

In a word: Never This has been a tough couple of years for many (most… all?) small businesses, and especially hard for artist-run businesses that were just barely making ends meet before the Great Recession hit.  And, as a business strategy consultant to a lot of them, I’m often asked the question of when to … Read more

Leadership is Intentional

Over the years, I’ve read volumes from “great leaders” and, with increased frequency, the advice has evolved to either “start a parade” or jump in front of one. Neither seems like it fits the requirement for honest leadership that was created much earlier in our recorded history. Socrates was one if the greatest leaders the … Read more

Don’t Refuse to Choose.

I used to work with a guy who hated choosing. I’m sure he felt he had very valid reasons for this extreme choice-avoidance, but it always looked to me like he simply didn’t want to be “wrong.” Somewhere along the way, probably in b-school, he discovered that analysis was a really powerful tool to delay, … Read more