My 2015 Goal: Delivering Clarity

Let me be crystal clear…   You need clarity to create achievable goals and strategies for your business, and I want every artist-based business to succeed using the clarity of Specialism strategies.WHY is clarity such an important word in business? CLARITY CREATES SAFETY A bottom line is that it’s really about feeding your family, your business demands and your artistic desires. … Read moreMy 2015 Goal: Delivering Clarity

Why Outsourcing is Like a Barbershop Shave

Yesterday, I was lucky. My two boys spent the day with friends at the pool, and Mel was busily studying for a Law School final.  Since I’m self-employed, I saw a quiet Sunday in the house as a “free” workday and started mentally planning what I would try to accomplish as I drove the boys to … Read moreWhy Outsourcing is Like a Barbershop Shave

If You Want the Secret To Business Growth, Break This.

At one place I remember well, they saw themselves as innovative and edgy – but scratching the surface a little revealed the common advice from everyone who worked there about how to survive in such a place was “Don’t Make Waves.” Not really a great formula for growing success, IMHO. At best, this creates an environment of conservative apathy. At worst, it creates a place where there’s no real accountability and survivors do a lot of shrugging, on a daily basis.

Four Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Business

There’s an old saying, “Give someone a fish, and you feed them for one meal; teach them to fish and they are fed for life.” There are two powerful messages here. The first is the one we all see: Education is a great form of charity. The second resonates with me, personally: Don’t be lazy … Read moreFour Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Business