My 2015 Goal: Delivering Clarity

Let me be crystal clear…   You need clarity to create achievable goals and strategies for your business, and I want every artist-based business to succeed using the clarity of Specialism strategies.WHY is clarity such an important word in business? CLARITY CREATES SAFETY A bottom line is that it’s really about feeding your family, your business demands and your artistic desires. … Read more

What do the Easter Bunny, an honest politician and an upscale bride have in common?

OKAY so what do the Easter Bunny, the Honest Politician and the Upscale Bride Have in Common? ANSWER: In spite of our most optimistic desires, none of them really exists. Yeah, I telegraphed that one, didn’t I? (Did I rush it?  I feel like I rushed it, a little.) Okay… then let’s get to the … Read more

Holy Crap ! It Finally Happened.

Strap in, I’ve got some BIG news… first, some history:    I began “coaching” (a term I use to metaphorically describe everything from standing on the sidelines and sending in plays to leading the team actively right from the game floor) almost 30 years ago, when I stumbled onto the concept of Specialism. I was compelled … Read more

Your Magic Isn’t In What You Do

I’ve studied close-up magic since I was 10 years old and imagined myself with a career as a professional magician for many of my early years. I also learned at the direction of some of the world’s most famous and talented magicians during my wonder years.  The really important stuff  they taught me had little to do with this…

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Being anti-bad ain’t good.

Often, when I ask a business owner what makes them “special” or why do their customers love them, I get responses like, “I make them feel comfortable and they trust me” and “I care about them” and “I exceed their expectations.” While these things are definitely recommended, they aren’t extraordinary or exceptional.  How can you tell?  Think about the opposite … Read more

Are You Worth More Than Your Images?

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that many (though not all) of the professional photographers act as if the images they capture are their “babies” and therefore want to “protect and keep them safe” from harm/change, like Instagram filters or Costco printing. This ownership mentality probably made sense in the days of film photography … Read more

Want to Create a Cult Community around Your Brand in 5 steps?

First, remember that Cult communities are progressive, not regressive.  This means that they must stand for change, not the status quo, to be powerful and sustainable. Second, note that true commitment is exclusionary.  The more exclusive the club, the more value people place on its membership (and members).  And, to this end, TOUCH matters.  Communities that … Read more

I Realized I Could Make a Career Out of $50 As Long As I Was Okay With This.

“Making Money” is the EASIEST GOAL TO ACHIEVE… guaranteed! Here’s how to turn a $50 investment into a lifetime of work, money, and retirement: 1. Buy a $50 handgun (unloaded, of course). 2. Start robbing small, convenience stores (I suggest no more than 3 per day – pace yourself)  until you get arrested.  This assumes … Read more