Anyone can copy what you DO, no one can copy WHO you are.
This Masterclass is designed for Creative and Professional Service Entrepreneurs who are NOT happy with their success, NOT getting paid what they're worth, or NOT working with customers they love. Watch this short VIDEO PREVIEW and discover how Jeff will lead you to the PROFITABLE world of SUSTAINABLE success.

The ultimate target for any successful business is to create irrationally loyal customers and a fan-based culture. This also attracts the top-of-the-market “exclusives” customers rather than the “bargainers”, who leave you the moment somebody offers them a better deal. Happy customers are loyal, they know who you really are and they stick around even when you screw up because you’ve consistently added value to them in a way that nobody else can. This is your Authentically Unique Brand. 

Jeff Jochum is one of the most successful and sought-after Branding & Marketing Strategists for Creative Entrepreneurs in the world.

He has served as Chief Marketing Officer for successful market-leaders like, DeviantART & SmugMug.

In 2009, he began working exclusively as a business adviser and has personally coached 1000s of artists, professionals & creative businesspeople, just like you.
Unique Brand University followed Jeff for one full year, recording his coaching sessions, discussions and interviewing many of his successful students. The result is 6+ hour, 13-lesson Masterclass of intensive video, powerful homework assignments and MORE stunning insights locked into this Masterclass than any other before it.


1. INTRODUCTION: Meet Jeff. He believes in magic, and science, and especially what happens when you bring the two together. He also believes that Specialism can change your business and your life, empowering you to Work Happily Ever-after. 

2. THE VALUE OF AUTHENTIC YOU: Here, Jeff will help you dig deeper into what the customer was thinking when they chose you, while teaching you conversational research techniques and how to discover their thought processes at the time of sale.
3. FINDING YOU IN THEIR STORIES: How do you know if your idea is good enough to turn into a brand? Jeff walks you through the steps every creative business should take to test an idea—ask your successes why they love you.

4. DEVELOPING YOUR THREE WORDS PART 1: Jeff shares how and why he created the Tombstone exercise and why knowing three words puts you ahead of 99% of your competition.

5. DEVELOPING YOUR THREE WORDS PART 2: Jeff will help you solidify your three words and describe their effect on prospective clients, as well as how to expand your words into a business vocabulary for sales & marketing purposes. 

6. A BIGGER VERSION OF YOU: By refining your vocabulary, we begin moving your thought processes from “I am” to “I love working with people who are” and this is the foundation of your Specialism business manifesto.

7. DECLARING YOU TO THE UNIVERSE: Jeff offers tips, tricks and guidance on the creation of your business bio, including how to understand the effect of your message on prospective clients and why declaring what you stand for makes you happy.

8. HOW WEAKNESS CREATES TRUST: Jeff knows that your customers aren't bargainers, which means you can't use quality to differentiate your business from competitors. In this lesson, you'll learn why your non-critical weaknesses are most important to your message as your declarations, as well as how to solidify the WHY and WHO of your business self.

9. STORYTELLING FOR FUN AND PROFIT: The rules of effective marketing aren’t new. Here, Jeff explains how most of them were created long ago by greater writers telling stories. Creating a memorable brand requires you to declare and refine your business website, imagery, bio, logos and other materials needed to get the attention of your Ideal Clients.

10. BUILDING A BETTER BEAST: A great brand is more than just a collection of great words and images. In the final assembly of the ideas and products created in these lessons, Jeff will show you how to give your website and brand marketing a boost of momentum from one prospect to the next.

11. BLOG ME, BABY!: No matter how well you write them, web pages aren't really very exciting and are best as in invitation for a prospective customer to want to know more about you. How do you deliver on that promise?  In your blog, of course! That is where your "real" story lives. In this lesson, Jeff will show you how to BLOG EFFORTLESSLY and how the power of simple choices will help you avoid losing 90% of your prospects before you even meet them.

12. PULLING THREADS (SELLING WITHOUT SELLING OUT): With the brand messaging locked-and-loaded, Jeff will deep-dive into the sales process.  In this lecture, he will show you how to effortlessly triple your sales revenues without resorting to "salesy" tactics, how to spot the difference between a "bargainer" and an "exclusive" and how to create an irrational desire in new customers to buy from you in the first 15 seconds.

FINAL 1to1 REVIEW: A SUMMARY OF YOUR JOURNEY AND A BONUS!: In the final lesson, Jeff offers a personal coaching session and leaves you with one more assignment that will take you to the next level up

BONUS! This MasterClass includes BOTH digital and audio versions of Jeff's best-selling book: Uniqueing Your Brand! 

Consider this a personal invitation from Jeff... this Master Course is your next big step forward!
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