Being a creative entrepreneur is a LOT of hard work.
I know. I've been there with you for over 20 years.
I am Jeff Jochum, and I've been teaching creative entrepreneurs--from startups to experts--how to create Authentically Unique Brands to supercharge their business success for over two decades.

I know that creative businesses are not like your run-of-the-mill small business. They are one-of-a-kind, deeply emotional enterprises because they depend primarily on the Value of YOU.

After coaching thousands of creative businesses over the last 20 years, I have discovered the secrets of how to easily brand, market and sell your creative products and services, and I'm ready to share them with you.
My Philosophy on Paid Education
Here's the thing... No educational program works unless you do. If you’re expecting this course, or anything else, to magically solve your problems or make you money, please do not sign-up. This is not some “get rich” quick program. Plus, I actually care that you implement the material. I know that if you do the work, you will achieve results in your business and your life. I'm challenging you to think differently, to behave differently, and to become the businessperson you’re meant to be. 
What to Expect from My Master Course
At the end of this intense 8-week program, you will have created all of the pieces needed for your essential brand identity, including your Authentically Unique Brand, your 3 inspiration words, a signature logo, website images & design, premium pricing strategies, effective sales training, proven calls-to-action, online marketing promotions, and much more. In my world, everyone succeeds and no one gets left behind, which is why I can personally guarantee you'll get everything you came for! 
Now, Check Out My Student List...

"I’ve completely rejuvenated my business and I’ve never been more excited to set new goals, strategies, and tactics."

- Jen Rozenbaum -

"Jeff is great at working with artists. He knows how our brains are wired, and how to help us get better in the areas we suck at."

- Jason Groupp -

"The clarity for me came when I finally stepped back and looked at where I came from."

- Leeann Marie -

"We increased our wedding fee to $5,500 and booked out the rest of the year with ease."

- Sarah Roshan -

"I had only 3 clients when I met Jeff...  Within a few months of implementing what I learned in coaching, my business was expanding so fast I could barely keep up."

- Meg Courtney -

"Once I rebranded with Specialism, the ideal clients just kept coming.  In a nutshell, Jeff helped me reach the top of my local market in record time."

- Jackie Gannon -

"After creating my own Authentically Unique Brand, my ideal clients doubled and so did my sales."

- Ivona Dixon -

"We were at a crisis crossroads and needed to figure out who we were and why we are doing this before we could move beyond it. I never could've imagined the newfound passion and purpose we all feel now and I'm so grateful for Jeff and the secrets inside Uniqueing Your Brand."

- David Jay -

What's Included?
I crafted this Master Course to deliver everything you need to succeed. And, it's ALL part of the program. No bait-and-switch. No upsell. No BS. 
Proven Success Strategies
The 8-week course includes a 13-lesson video-based Master Class, once-a-week personal coaching guidance, and detailed homework feedback directly from Jeff. Also included is a private Mastermind group populated with smart businesspeople who crave effective creative business marketing strategies...
Just like you! 
Interactive Learning Tools
Each lesson module consists of clear and insightful guidance aimed at moving your business to the next step UP. Also included are homework assignments that include real-world examples to increase their effectiveness. This Master Course was created for small business owners who want higher per event sales and more profits but don't want to compromise working with their ideal clients, to do so.
Expert & Peer Community Help
All of the training is online, contained in the private members-only portal where students can view (and review) the training videos. There's also a secret Mastermind group populated ONLY with students, graduates, mentors, and coaches, where no question goes unanswered. Once the course begins, and forever after, you'll have access to lesson videos, notes, feedback videos, & Mastermind.
Is This Program Right For You?
Maybe... Do any of the examples below seem familiar to you?
  • Building your business has been exhausting. Countless hours spent thinking about the next steps, creating something others will love, hoping success will find you someday soon!  All the while trying to stay positive, pursue your passion, and not make any fatal mistakes... and it can be overwhelming if (when?) you finally realize that you and your dream aren't anywhere near what you had hoped they'd be, by now.

  • Your website and social marketing promos aren't working. You KNOW you're not getting paid what you're worth... and frustratingly, you suspect everyone else might be. You've learned one lesson for sure: Just because you're running like crazy doesn't mean you're going anywhere. And now, here you are, trying to remember why you were passionate about your business in the first place.
  • You’re ready for some experienced guidance, clear direction, and more than a little hope. Whether you have a business brand that isn’t delivering or you’re unsure where you should start, you’re ready to fly; and you're prepared to build your wings before you see the ground rushing up at you.

  • You want to attract your ideal clients better than ever before and consistently attract more of them, with less effort. You are ready to learn how to create your own authentic brand identity and YOUnique story. You want the best of the best clients to WANT you AND be happy to pay a premium for getting YOU. And, most of all, you want to Work Happily-Ever-After! 
This 8-Week Master Course is my "MBA" Program and includes my top-selling book!

Who was this Master Course designed for?

This program was designed for passionate, self-reliant, creative entrepreneurs, at all levels of growth. Whether you're at a stage where you don’t yet have a business, and want to know the best way to get started, or if you're burned out after many years of seeing where you want to be but can't quite get there, or an old-soul in business, confused by all these new fangled business terms... this program, and Specialism, has the answers.  

Are You a Committed, Ambitious and Impatient Beginner?

Whether you want to launch a new creative business or relaunch into a new category or market, we will help you get focused on the right goals and achievements, while avoiding the fatal and non-productive chasms. If you are a creative professional, photographer, personal service entrepreneur, business author, business coach, brand consultant, or subject-matter expert who wants to develop a truly unique brand presence, build your platform and fanbase FAST, and earn a GREAT living from it all.

Are You Simply Frustrated and Feel Trapped in the “Groundhog Day” Movie?

Many (many) of my best graduates arrived on my doorstep ready to give it all up. Sure, some were already respected and successful and, in some cases, even famous – but something important was missing. And, every day they were still able to do what they “used to love” had become just another reminder that it wasn’t there, anymore. If this is you, or your think it is becoming you… YES, this is where you need to go, next. In fact, this profile was the main reason I created this Master Course, in the first place.

Is This A “Do What I Do and Get Rich” Scheme?

Absolutely not. I'm honored to have thousands of successful students from points around the world, all of whom have worked theirs butts off to achieve their own success. Your success and happiness are at the core of what this course and Specialism are all about, and you must be ready to do the work alongside me and your fellow students. In the end, I know that if you don’t succeed (and EXceed) then I don’t either.

Will this help me create a new logo, business card, and really hip tagline?

Another nope. No one ever got the “job” because of any one of those, and I have no interest in wasting your time pursuing them. I will help you find yourself inside your business, be able to describe your purpose with clarity and discover your “three perfect words” on the road to Working Happily-Ever-After.

About Jeff Jochum

Jeff is the Marketing Technologist known to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs as the person behind the chemistry of UNIQUEING YOUR BRAND, helping them to skyrocket their income by working only with their ideal clients. Over the last 30 years, he has used the power of Authentically Unique Brands to successfully create and sell three companies of his own, as well as leading the teams as Chief Marketing Officer at world-class creativity companies DeviantART & SmugMug. He is a respected speaker on global business strategies, top-selling author, serial entrepreneur and thought-leader for creative business success.

He can be reached anytime at  

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